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We engage in community education, collaboration and strategic planning to build a foundation of empowerment for a better enriched society.


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Open Letter Supporting Honorable Cynthia A. Johnson,
State Representative Michigan 5th House District

This letter is to express the support of the members of Hood Research for state rep Cynthia Johnson. She is our elected representative for the 5th house district of the Michigan Legislature located within the city of Detroit. On December 2nd, a hearing within the House Oversight Committee, of which Johnson is a member, was held with an attempt by the supporters of Trump to overturn the recent November 3rd presidential election. Cynthia Johnson received death threats based the performance of her duties and responsibilities. She was the only Black person and the only representative from the city of Detroit on the committee.

Republican leaders of the House removed Johnson from all committees as retaliation for her actions in responding to death threats. This action by the House Republican leadership was vindictive, unfair and has the appearance of targeting a Black elected official. This is becoming normal behavior for Republicans who have aligned themselves with Trump and the devotion to open racism within politics. These actions are not acceptable. The voters within the 5th house district and beyond are being disenfranchised by these actions.

This fits a pattern of racism and attempted intimidation against a Black elected member of government. This letter is to further let it be known that Cynthia Johnson has the full support of her community. This letter is to inform the Republican leadership and the elected Trump supporters trying to overturn a legal election that this type of behavior is unacceptable. The voters of the city of Detroit and state of Michigan will not forget the intolerable behavior of racism and will work to elect persons to replace these Republican leaders who resort to racism and discrimination as tools by which to govern.

Hood Research Members,
Greater Detroit Community,
Voters city of Detroit,
Michigan’s Black Community

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"We need a self-help program,
a do it yourself philosophy,
a do it right now philosophy,
an it's already too late philosophy."

Malcolm X

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