Theo Broughton & Reggie Crawford

"People would do better if they knew better."

Our Mission To educate and inform our evolving community regarding all topics that effect our lives and help us plan for our future.


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This Summer - Election 2020

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Highlighted Issues

  1. Detroit Drainage Fee
  2. Davis Aerospace
  3. Detroit City Charter
  4. Protect Auto Insurance
  5. CHWMAAH & Respect
  6. Redistricting
  7. Gentrification
  8. Demolitions
  9. Wayne County's Jail
  10. Lead in the Water


"We need a self-help program,
a do it yourself philosophy,
a do it right now philosophy,
an it's already too late philosophy."

Malcolm X


Housing Values
Symptoms of Gentrification

  (article) Redlining & Segregation
  (article) Redlining Legacy


Detroit - Wayne County
Port Authority

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