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Detroit City Council President Claims no Power over DPD
The Blackest City in America
has the worst city council and they do not support Black Lives

Hood Research sent a proposal to the Detroit City Council on June 10th requesting a ban of any choke holds by police, city employee and city contractor operating in the city of Detroit or under the jurisdiction of the city of Detroit. The office of Brenda Jones, president of the Detroit City Council refused and stated that " City Council is not allowed to pass an ordinance regulating the Detroit Police Department". This cannot be true because the Detroit city code, the compiled ordinances that are controlled by the city council, contains multiple references to regulation of the police department as well as regulation of the Board of Police Commissioners. Further the city charter gives this authority solely to the city council.

Brenda Jones stated the Detroit City Council supports the Michigan Senate Bill 0945 of 2020 and offered their own resolution encouraging others to do what the Detroit city council refuses to discuss. This senate bill accomplishes nothing. The bill calls for a minimal amount of training - nothing more. The only enforcement offered in the bill is to "Require each law enforcement agency in Michigan to adopt, by January 1, 2022, a written policy stating that its officers had an affirmative duty to use de-escalation techniques whenever possible." Therefore the bill calls for a single policy and training that should already be in place.

This bill is a sham. It's an insult to Black Lives Everywhere. For the Detroit Caucus to support this bill is beyond disappointing. For the Detroit City Council to defer to this bill, lie about their own role and mislead the public is an affirmation of all the criticism against the council and its members. Some council members have told the public they seek to investigate or have shown up at the protests displaying support. Yet when its time to act, they council abandons Black Lives.

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"We need a self-help program,
a do it yourself philosophy,
a do it right now philosophy,
an it's already too late philosophy."

Malcolm X

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