The Thinkers Report

February 2024

Noted Individuals – List

Hall of Justice
  • Lansing False Arrest, A Violation of Civil Rights
    Lansing Michigan Police falsely arrested a 12 year old child violating his civil rights and the rights of his family and additionally the privacy rights of their home and the other tenants.
  • Voting is our Civic Responsibility
    The city of Detroit is on a path for another very low voter turnout. City and state government is apparently unable to maintain the effort needed to ensure a voter turnout above 50% as was done in 2020.
  • OCI/Citizen Complaint Committee – Detroit BOPC
    From: Ricardo MooreDate: June 24, 2022 at 12:12:08 PM EDTTo: Jim HolleyCc: Bryan Ferguson, Annie Holt Subject: OCI/Citizen Complaint Committee Mr. Chairman, To begin, thank you for your leadership as Chairman. You have been an inspiration for me, especially after finally meeting you after a number of years.  As Chairman of the Citizen Complaint Committee, I read and sign off… Read more: OCI/Citizen Complaint Committee – Detroit BOPC
  • Noted Individuals
    These persons have achieved noteworthy accomplishments. As Black Americans, our community needs to remember their achievements and celebrate their gains.
  • What Barack Obama Accomplished
    An Abbreviated List Most Diverse Cabinet to ever serve the US Government High School graduation rate hit 83%, the highest ever in the history of the US Reversed unemployment from 10% to 4.7% 82 straight months of private sector job growth; the longest streak in the history of this country in which there has been… Read more: What Barack Obama Accomplished