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Gilbert Leads Effort on Gentrification


Billionaire owner of Rock Financial and Quicken Loans and many buildings in downtown Detroit, Dan Gilbert, has now initiated a direct campaign to gentrify the city of Detroit. This past week included several news reports on how Gilbert intends to push change for the state’s auto insurance laws through a voter ballot drive. His intentions are to push the same set of changes as proposed by the Republicans in the state legislature. These changes are intended to reduce the availability of health care under the pretense of lowering the cost of auto insurance.

This issue is being debated in state government. Governor Whitmer has stated she will veto the Republicans proposal because it does not protect citizens and does not guarantee lower costs for consumers. Democrats have proposed eliminating several currently allowed provisions that are very similar to the illegal practice of redlining. Because of Michigan’s constitution, the legislature cannot provide a law that only changes insurance for the city of Detroit. Therefore, the statewide action has been taken without much support statewide.

In this article, the original headline read; “Gilbert plan for car insurance ballot issue draws mixed response” but has since changed to “Gilbert pressures Whitmer with auto insurance ballot drive bid”. It’s the same story and the original headline is built into the web link. There isn’t any consumer support for these changes. The more people hear about what they may lose, the more they are turning against the proposal.

Detroiters insurance costs are the highest in the state. They are so high that it’s been long reported that residents go to great lengths to save money. This proposal does not help the residents of Detroit. This change allows persons who move into Detroit, a change of residency, to not incur the same costs as current residents. None of the news coverage includes how consumers will save money. The best projection is $15 per month. Which is $180 per year. This is little comfort for those who pay $2500 per year.

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