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Detroit Commissioner Lisa Carter Must Resign


Following the arrest of Detroit Police Commissioner Willie Burton, there has been little outcry from those in elected office and no response from those who are in office that oversee public corruption. Lisa Carter, the new chair of the Detroit Police Commission, committed in the least an ethics violation. She may have also violated her oath of office by committing a violation of the state and federal constitutions.

Willie Burton, as an elected official representing the 5th district, per the city of Detroit Charter, per the constitution and Michigan state law is guaranteed the right to speak at commission meetings. If an elected official is disrupting a meeting the law and rules allow for the meeting to be postponed or moved. The commission chair has no authority over any other commission member.

The actions by Lisa Carter create a danger to democracy. Carter’s actions mirror the act of a dictator. The commission conducted normal business at the meeting following Burton’s arrest. Therefore, was Burton removed from the meeting to prevent him from participating? Was his removal an attempt to disenfranchise the citizens in the 5th district? If this action is allowed, then will legislative body chairs begin arresting any opposition members before votes to ensure the chairs voting position prevails?

The Detroit Police also committed a violation of their duties. Their role is not to maintain decorum at meetings of our elected representatives. Their role is public safety. There were no dangers at the police commission meeting. The Detroit Police also committed an ethics violation. Chief Craig needs to be held accountable for interfering in our democratic process. This is what military dictators do to squash opposition, use the threat of arrest by the state too silence detractors.

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