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    The Biden-Harris administration is the most successful in modern history. Our lifetime. This administration has done more for people than any previous administration with the exception of the Obama-Biden Whitehouse.

  • Voting is our Civic Responsibility

    The city of Detroit is on a path for another very low voter turnout. City and state government is apparently unable to maintain the effort needed to ensure a voter turnout above 50% as was done in 2020.

  • What Barack Obama Accomplished

    An Abbreviated List Most Diverse Cabinet to ever serve the US Government High School graduation rate hit 83%, the highest ever in the history of the US Reversed unemployment from 10% to 4.7% 82 straight months of private sector job growth; the longest streak in the history of this country in which there has been…

  • A List of 386 Accomplishments by President Barack Obama

    THE List of 386 Obama Accomplishments so far, With Citations This is a Reprint – NOT A Hood Research Publication In 2008, we elected the most progressive president in history. And regardless of the negativity, when you actually look at the record, there has been a lot of progress since January 20, 2009. If you’ll recall,…

  • Newswire July 12, 2006

    ================= THE THINKERS REPORT ================== The e-mail edition newswire July 12, 2006 A Publication of HOOD RESEARCH Your neighborHOOD RESEARCH group and Think Tank Henry Teutsch – Editor http://www.hoodresearch.org/ =======================================================                         CONTENTS ======================================================= 1)  Trick and No Treat on Michigan Citizens 2)  The Fight to Save Affirmative…

  • Newswire June 23, 2004

    ================= THE THINKERS REPORT ================== The e-mail edition newswire. June 23, 2004 A Publication of HOOD RESEARCH Your neighborHOOD RESEARCH group and Think Tank =======================================================                         CONTENTS ======================================================= 1)  HOOD RESEARCH IS COMING TO YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD 2)  Online Discussion site for Hood Research 3) …