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Voting is our Civic Responsibility

The city of Detroit is on a path for another very low voter turnout. City and state government is apparently unable to maintain the effort needed to ensure a voter turnout above 50% as was done in 2020. The populace has developed a habit of not voting. City officials have enabled that bad habit through their poor performance in their sworn responsibility. In normal times, city appointees or employees would be fired by those who have been elected. There are households in Detroit, who expected an absentee ballot application, being on the permanent list, that have not received one. The election connection newsletter was just received this past week by voters four weeks after voting had already begun. Should this qualify as malfeasance?

Voting builds self respect.

A habit of civic participation builds a sense of ownership in our society. Too many people are disconnected. Before our current toxic political environment, too many persons did not vote because those they trusted said their vote did not count. This was and has always been not true.

People will respect themselves when they vote.

The vote for Barack Obama for the office of president prompted a worldwide celebration. World history knows the abuses by our American government against its people. His election was and still is a sign of hope. We’ll get to enjoy a new hope when Kamala Harris is elected president of the United States.

Voting Builds Confidence.

It’s not winning that matters its participation; when the playing field is fair. The US has the fairest election system in the world. It’s open to audits, scrutiny, review and discussion. We have made improvements as a society through the country’s history. Participation connects citizens and builds self respect through this accomplishment. A persons voice is heard when they vote.

Support Yourself and Vote.

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