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OCI/Citizen Complaint Committee – Detroit BOPC

From: Ricardo Moore
Date: June 24, 2022 at 12:12:08 PM EDT
To: Jim Holley
Cc: Bryan Ferguson, Annie Holt

Subject: OCI/Citizen Complaint Committee

Mr. Chairman,

To begin, thank you for your leadership as Chairman. You have been an inspiration for me, especially after finally meeting you after a number of years. 

As Chairman of the Citizen Complaint Committee, I read and sign off on cases. I sometimes return cases for questions and/or corrections. I also conduct the monthly Committee meeting. 

The backlog at the Office of the Chief Investigators office is extraordinary and needs auditing. 

Different backlog numbers have been given with no methodology on how the cases will get to zero by December 2022. An audit is needed to determine the exact number of cases we’re backlogged as well as to determine a process to significantly reduce the backlog. 

While reading cases, I have learned that cases are reassigned to different entities such as E911…the OCI should be investigating these complaints. Detroit Police Department supervisors assign police officers body-worn cameras. A lot of the investigations return “inconclusive” because of the body camera not being issued. The Detroit Police Department policy is clear and should be followed by our investigators. Cases are oftentimes reassigned to another Police Commissioner once questions are being asked. Some Commissioners sign off on cases with no questions asked. 

As it relates to promotions that took place yesterday, a close door session was in order. Interim Chief Investigator Lawrence Akbar gave a less than stellar viewpoint of one of the candidates. A closed door session was also desired to sort out the “subculture” which exist at the OCI. The subculture will definitely be an issue for Chairman Elect Ferguson to deal with. 

As always, I will support you and the incoming leadership anyway possible. 

If you have any questions, feel free to call me at (313) 215-0398. 


Ricardo R. Moore
Citizen Complaint Committee

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