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What Barack Obama Accomplished

An Abbreviated List

  1. Most Diverse Cabinet to ever serve the US Government
  2. High School graduation rate hit 83%, the highest ever in the history of the US
  3. Reversed unemployment from 10% to 4.7%
  4. 82 straight months of private sector job growth; the longest streak in the history of this country in which there has been consecutive months of job growth and not job losses
  5. We put a rover on mars
  6. 1st drop in prison population (in decades)
  7. Homelessness among veterans dropped 50%
  8. Sixteen countries in the world relinquished their highly-enriched uranium, reducing the risk of terrorists or extremist stealing the material
  9. For the 1st time ever, convened biannual nuclear security summits to convince nations to get rid of loose nuclear material
  10. Credit card companies cannot raise the interest rates without notification
  11. If you work for a federal contractor, you cannot be fired for being LGBT
  12. Our countries dependence on foreign oil plummeted
  13. Stopped Bin Laden, and now the Bin Laden’s Bookshelf (published by the CIA) allows public access to images and documents that kept by Bin Laden
  14. First Chief Technology Office
  15. Syria got rid of all chemical weapons
  16. US banned torture
  17. US embassy opened in Cuba
  18. Over turned the ban on scientific research on stem cells
  19. Increased the resources for mental care by the Veterans Administration by millions of dollars
  20. 1st administration ever to voluntarily to release the list of all visitors to the white house
  21. Enabled marriage equality, no discrimination based on sexual preference
  22. FDA began regulation of tobacco, companies must now disclose what is placed in tobacco products
  23. Federal Deficit declined from a high of 10% of GDP to 3%
  24. Banks face stress tests so that the banking industry does not cause another collapse of the financial markets
  25. Banks can no longer use deposits to “play the market” by investing in stocks, bonds, etc.
  26. Stopped a Muslim registry created by the Bush administration after 9/11
  27. Enforced regulation and the law against for profit colleges that failed to deliver the promised educational training and shut down the accreditor which falsely identified these companies as colleges
  28. Solitary confinement was banned for juveniles serving time in federal prison
  29. Secret oversees US prisons were shut down
  30. Allowed families to be present when deceased US service members remains were flown home
  31.  stopped the prior secrecy order which prevented photos and details from being shared when those deceased service members arrived
  32. The don’t ask don’t tell law was repealed
  33. The ban against transgender service personal was repealed
  34. All combat positions were opened to women
  35. Saved Medicare for many years to come by slowing the growth of healthcare cost
  36. Saved the US Auto Industry – along with millions of American Jobs
  37. Millions of federal dollars that private banks used loan for higher education are now used for student Pell grants
  38. You cannot be denied health insurance because of a pre-existing condition
  39. You cannot be charged more for health insurance because you are a woman
  40. The health insurance industry can no longer place a lifetime cap on the amount of money that you may need for health care
  41. Twenty million Americans now receive health insurance that did not qualify or could not afford insurance before Obama became president
  42. For the first time the number of uninsured persons dropped and more than 90% of citizens have health insurance
  43. Appointed a record number of women and non-white judges

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