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Newswire July 12, 2006

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July 12, 2006

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1)  Trick and No Treat on Michigan Citizens

2)  The Fight to Save Affirmative Action

Who is Really Looking Out for Your Rights

3)  Hood Research Web Site


1)  Trick and No Treat on Michigan Citizens

Fraud by the Michigan Republican Party in their Opposition to Affirmative Action ?

1.  The Board of Canvassers voted 3 to 1 twice not to certify those illegal Affirmative Action Petitions. See the Michigan Chronicle Editions July 27th – August 2nd, in 2005; page A-10 also the Transcript of the Hearing of the BOC held December 14, 2005 on Page 75. The News Papers published incorrect information.

2.  Republican State Senator from the 28th District, Majority Leader Kenneth R. Sikkema Filed an Affidavit in the Court of Appeals asking that only the two Democrat Board of Canvassers, Paul Mitchell and Doyle O’Connor resign immediately from the board. See exhibit B of the Special Presented evidence by Attorney Frank Harrison Reynolds in the court of Appeals Records. This is improper for him, a republican, to ask the Democrats appointed by the Governor to resign. A request not directed at the entire board nor put to the Governor.

3.  The Republican Attorney General Mike Cox, refused to represent the Democratic Party Board members, Paul Mitchell and Doyle O’Connor in violation of his duty and responsibilities under the State Constitution to represent the State of Michigan, state agencies and state officials before any State or FederalCourts. This is not the only instance of him violating his Oath of Office (as documented in public media in his altercations involving prominent Michigan Attorney’s).

4.  The Court of Appeals, without Legal Jurisdiction, sanctioned only the Board of Canvassers Democratic members for not voting yes to certify the petitions. Democrats Paul Mitchell voted No and Doyle O’Connor abstained while the board chair, Republican Katherine Degrow, wife of Former State Senator Dan Degrow, abstained and Republican Lynn R. Bankes voted Yes. Republican Katherine Degrow was not sanctioned. This is a clear  violation of Article 1 Section 2 and 17 of the Constitution of the State of Michigan and the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution of “Equal Protection under the Law”.

For More Information Contact

Carl Williams (cwhazz@peoplepc.com, 313.521.5012 or 313.850.0349)

Hassan Aleem (313.205.4353)

Reggie Crawford, Theo Broughton Co-Founders Hood Research 

(313.491.8315 or 313.931.2700)

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2)  The Fight to Save Affirmative Action

Who is Really Looking Out for Your Rights


Carl Williams, Hassan Aleem and Percy Harris have been hard at work to prevent the Anti Affirmative Action initiative from reaching the ballot here in Michigan. They are not lawyers but they do practice the law. They are not watchdogs who wait for something to happen and then scrutinize an entity, decisions or the happenings and then complain to the public. They are proactive who take heed against those who might use the less fortunate to make 

others more fortunate. Three friends they share a love for the Black community and the city of Detroit. But broader than the city, they realize that as citizens of Michigan they have the ability to use the laws of this state to protect themselves from others who would attack the rights of Michigan citizens. They are also members of Hood Research, a non profit think tank and share the title of co chairs of the legal issues committee. If you have ever 

attended a Hood Research meeting then you have heard them explain the law, legal issues and provide analysis on the current topics. The actions taken by the three however were independent of any group or body in their desire to protect others on what is a hot political topic with the strong possibility for political revenge or retribution by the legal system.


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3)  Hood Research Web Site

Hood Research just recently updated its web site. We switched to a better server with plans to have more items in the coming months. Please take time to visit and let us know what you think. You can email us at contact.hoodresearch.organd even sign our guestbook online.

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