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Newswire June 23, 2004

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June 23, 2004

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2)  Online Discussion site for Hood Research

3)  Legalized Torture the Real Weapon of Mass Destruction

4)  10 Similarities Between the U.S. & Nazi Germany




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2)  Online Discussion site for Hood Research

  Hood Research now has the capability to have online discussions  regarding  issues covered by Hood Research. Go to  (http://www.detropolis.com/forum/),  see the Hood Research section, and join or begin a discussion.  Our first topic, continued from the State of our City forum and still  in the  news today, the cities financial position. With the economy in Detroit  as it  is today, why is the city mortgaging the future by selling bonds to pay  off  today’s debt? This is merely a way to hide the true costs of the past  year  and push the burden of repaying the debt onto our children. Mortgaging  their  future.  Also, as Detropolis a partner site, please visit its new features and  its  expanding content. Additionally, Detroit Uncovered has other  perspectives and unique information in regards to Detroit and current issues. Hood   Research  does not control these other sites or their content, but we encourage all to get more information because as out motto states, “People would do better if they knew better.”    

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3)  Legalized Torture the Real Weapon of Mass Destruction

   (Something sent to Hood Research from the Internet)  President Bush and Donald Rumsfeld and his people have now stated that  they  torture, they intend to torture and that all the work the United States  had  done over the past century in republican and democratic administrations  to  eliminate the torture of captured (US) prisoners has been in vain.  From an article in the Associated Press, (June 23, 2004 7:52 AM EDT)  (Link to full article-  http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/US_PRISONER_ABUSE?  SITE=MIDTF&SECTION=HOME)    


        Justice Dept. Repudiates Memo on Torture

        By TERENCE HUNT, AP White House Correspondent




The president insisted Tuesday: “I have never ordered torture.”



The above was quoted from the article. Yet in the same article it





A 2002 order signed by President Bush says the president reserves the right to suspend the Geneva Conventions on treatment of prisoners of war at any time.



Does this mean that US citizens might have to fear reprisals if or when


United States is attacked such as what happened on September 11? Will


Americans or Arab Americans become possible torture subjects if the

government believes information can be gained from certain people?

Looking at

the history of this nation, it seems that this is stepping backwards

and not

only reducing civil rights but placing the power of Big Brother over


shoulder by the threat of the use of torture.

Will torture become a tactic used to get confessions from murders and


dealers by your local police department?

Also from the Article:




An Aug. 1, 2002, Justice Department memo argues that torture – and even

deliberate killing – of prisoners in the terror war could be justified


necessary to protect the United States. The memo from then-assistant


general Jay Bybee also offers a restricted definition of torture,

saying only

actions that cause severe pain akin to organ failure would be torture.

Bybee is now a justice on the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.



A U.S. judge believes its OK to torture humans. How many other judges


Torture, it seems by the actions of the president, is now an assumed


of war. This means that if the strongest nation on Earth must use

torture for

its own protection, then the tiniest nation on Earth has the same


If the $400 billion the US (under President Bush) spends openly on the

military budget is not enough or even adequate then what is a country


barely has a GDP of $500 million supposed to do for their defense?

The killing and beheading of Americans in the foreign countries by


groups are now legalized thanks to the United States under President


While we call it terrorism and those guilty War Criminals, those in the

foreign lands call them freedom fighters, saviors, heroes, etc.

Even Saddam Hussein, which many have said, killed his own people


relatives, whole villages and others in the name of protecting his

power can

be said to be doing it to protect Iraq. It was mass torture that

resulted in

many deaths but if he was doing it for the defense of his nation from


Iraq called terrorists then it must be justified. If the United States

can do

it openly then who else will follow our lead.

Knowing that the leaders of the so-called terrorist organizations are


educated, will they reach this same conclusion? Will it become open

season on

Americans? If you get tortured for walking down the street in a foreign

country, thank President Bush for tortures legalization and

formalization as

a method for national defense.

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4)  10 Similarities Between the U.S. & Nazi Germany

    (Something sent to Hood Research from the Internet)

1. Both nations were led by men who pursued hidden agendas and sold

them to

their citizens by lying.

2. In both cases the vast majority of citizens considered themselves to


religious, specifically Christian.

3. In both cases the leader sold the idea that the citizens’ “way of


was being threatened by another religious/racial group, and pursued


organizational strategy which appeared to minimize that group’s

influence on

“way of life”.

4. In both cases the citizens were collectively angry at being humbled


recent decades, and showed some desire to aggravate and even attack


nations if only to satiate their pride.

5. Both nations believed in preemptive attack.

6. In both cases the business class tended to support war efforts,


expansion would enable their continued wealth, while the lower classes


used as cannon fodder.

7. In neither case would you find consensus among citizens as to why


nation fought. In each case the leader synthesized different factors


in different citizens into a collective support for war – distrust of


ethnicity, desire to humble other nations, desire to increase influence


particular religious beliefs, desire for greater “national security”,


to expand wealth, desire to demonstrate military superiority, revenge against others, and last but not least, blind faith in leaders and desire to trust some paternalistic father figure.

8. In neither case were citizens especially bothered during the war by

reports of systematic detention of innocents, murder of innocents, military targeting of civilian areas, or even murder.

9. Both regimes, each led by a small cabal of men, shielded themselves and their motives constantly under a veil of flag-waving and nationalism.

10. Neither regime was capable of admitting mistakes or of self-


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