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"People would do better if they knew better."

Our Mission: To educate and inform our evolving community regarding all topics that effect our lives and help us plan for our future.

About Us

It is not necessary to know everything. What is necessary is to know how to find what you need when you need it.

Join us on our journey for knowledge and empowerment. We hold meetings on the second Saturday of each month. Follow us on Facebook for the event details.



Who is Hood Research

     Hood Research began as a group of people with a common interest, the city of Detroit. Theo Broughton and Reggie Crawford began in 1992 the process of gathering and researching information and sharing it with local community groups concerning various issues. Some people affectionately began referring to them as the ‘In The Hood Research Department’. It wasn’t until 1995 that they would make it official by registering the name. But as it turned out, the kind clerk who waited to enter their name in the county register stated that she could not fit that name in the space provided. Thus it was shortened to Hood Research.

     Later in 1997 Theo and Reggie had become familiar with Dr. Claude Anderson and his national think tank, The Harvest Institute. Being interested in the goals and mission of his organization they became an affiliated organization or a local outreach group. Working with the Harvest Institute to promote an improved economy and financial stability of Detroit communities. Thus the informal actions of the founders became formal and in part nationalized by the associations and outreach of the growing organization.

     Hood Research is also a Think Tank. A Think Tank is loosely defined as a group or an institution organized for intensive research and the solving of problems. Sometimes a Think Tank is thought of like a brain trust, or a team of experts, a consultative body or some type of advisory board. Hood Research relies on the expertise of its members who come from all parts of the city in all types of fields with many varied backgrounds. This is an open organization where anyone can become a member and work on the many issues facing our community, anywhere from political issues to social troubles or economic empowerment. Hood Research works hard to research and report the best possible solutions that will raise the quality of life of local residents and improve the future prospects of Detroit.


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