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    Tough Times for the Man Who Would be Mayor

    by  • January 20, 2005 • Detroit, Politics

        Freman Hendrix is running for the office of Mayor for the City of Detroit. Four years ago he considered running for mayor when his boss, former Mayor Dennis Archer, decided not to seek another term but the polling at that time indicated a tough time for Hendrix to get the votes and campaign donations needed to win. History is again repeating itself.

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    City Council Absent On Their Own Behavior

    by  • January 12, 2005 • Detroit, Politics

        Some Detroit City Council members just don’t get it. Their office exists to perform a civic duty not serve them in their personal interests. But in the face of city deficits and a staff scandal some members of this legislative body sought to use their position to protect their own interests instead of assuring the public that they are doing a good job. The public does not like to hear of nepotism or city jobs awarded to friends of those elected to office. Regardless of the argument of right or wrong, the public likes to think that the best persons are hired for the positions. Though there is the perception that the best persons are not related or not your friends.

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    More Corruption in Detroit City Government?

    by  • December 4, 2004 • Detroit, News, Politics

        This past week Scott Lewis of WJBK-Fox 2 News reported that City of Detroit Councilman Alonzo Bates was paying Britni Barber to work on his staff while she attended college in New York. Barber allegedly earned thirty-eight thousand dollars from a reported $30 per hour. Its been reported that the FBI is looking this allegation. Its unclear if an actual crime was committed, as reported by Lewis, but Timecard Fraud has been prosecuted in the past as another form of embezzlement. It was also reported that Bates signature was on the timecards.

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    Proposal 001 – Another Challenge To Detroit

    by  • October 26, 2004 • Government, Michigan, Politics, Proposals

        When it comes to Michigan’s constitution, it is said that folks will change or modify it to suit their mood. This year the topic of marriage and gambling are scheduled for a statewide vote. When those two subjects are working well, everyone is happy. But when these two fail, the fallout can affect more than just the direct parties involved.

        The two sides are primarily the Detroit casinos who seek to slow down the expansion of non-Indian gaming in the state and then those forces who seek to open new an expand existing gaming facilities in the state. These facilities include racetracks with the addition of slot machines, bars and restaurants with the introduction of specialized computer gambling machines and the state lottery system who seeks to introduce new forms of gambling to generate more revenue of the state. All designed to increase revenue to an industry slowing in growth and sales or boost foot traffic to existing bars and restaurants.

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    Politicians Are Supposed To Serve Those Who Vote

    by  • June 27, 2002 • Michigan, Politics

    There has been a lot of discussion concerning recent legislation from the Michigan State legislator. One bill that is now law has the city of Detroit voting on whether to reorganize the City Council into Districts beginning with the 2006 election. The City Council and the Election Commission challenged this law but a judge recently declared that state law takes precedence over the City Charter and therefore the measure must go before the voters. Another piece of legislation that has yet to become law concerns the issues of government owned land in the city of Detroit. Popularly referred to as Land Banking. The range of bills (see the section, Political Reports – State Law) would remove the City Council from the process of dealing with tax reverted land and instead appoint two authorities one that would deal with the land the state owns and one that deals with the land the city owns.

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    State Republicans Declare War on the Poor

    by  • June 18, 2002 • Michigan, Our Rights, Politics

    Not a friend to those considered poor the state legislator has proposed legislation that would inhibit a measure pushed in local municipalities that has been argued would help raise families above the poverty level. Called the Living Wage ordinance this measure, which is already in existence in several Michigan cities, mandates that businesses doing business with that city pay their employees at a certain level where the level depends on the type or existence of healthcare coverage. State Republicans are proposing to target local communities who have or will enact a Living Wage Ordinance.

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    State Republicans are going for broke

    by  • June 10, 2002 • Michigan, Politics

    This year is the end of John Engler’s twelve years in office as Governor of the State of Michigan. A Lame Duck governor usually does not get many of the programs passed by the legislator and spends time pushing party issues not centrally tied to the governor’s office. This year and this governor is an exception. The Republican Party is holding together a very strong coalition among its various factions to push through some republican friendly legislation. The legislation ranges from eliminating straight party voting on the ballot, which is on hold via court order, changing the way some organizations raise money for a political candidates, and many other smaller local issues that affect pockets of the state. Most of these local issues affect the strongest democratic portion of the state, Wayne County and more specifically the city of Detroit.

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    City Clerks Race to be Decided by Absentee Voters

    by  • October 16, 2001 • Detroit, Politics

    On October 9th a political forum was held to discuss the upcoming elections for the city of Detroit. The two clerk candidates were to have presented themselves to the audience and answer a pre-known set of questions as well as audience initiated questions. Only Joyce Moore the second candidate to survive the September primary and challenge the incumbent Jackie Currie for office showed up.

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