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    Five Reasons to Vote NO on Proposal C (Charter Revision)

    by  • September 25, 2011 • Articles on the Proposed Charter for the City of Detroit, Detroit, Government

    Five Reasons to Vote NO on Proposal C (Charter Revision) November 8, 2011 Election By Jerroll M. Sanders, former Detroit Mayoral Candidate Proposal C: Proposal to Adopt A New City Charter Shall the City of Detroit Home Rule Charter proposed by the Detroit Charter Revision Commission be adopted? Yes? • No? Reasons You Should Vote […]

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    Proposed Charter, More Reasons to Vote NO

    by  • September 15, 2011 • Articles on the Proposed Charter for the City of Detroit, Government, Our Rights, People, Politics

    Why Vote NO?


    Proposed Charter creates Regionalization. [Sec. 9-405, proposed charter] mandates an elimination of redundancy and includes cooperative agreements with other governments and government entities. This will lead to the loss of DDOT, the water department and possibly the Lighting Department.

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    Charter Commissioners, “Hidding The Fine Print”

    by  • September 14, 2011 • Articles on the Proposed Charter for the City of Detroit, Detroit, Government, Politics

    This past week, several community meetings included visits from members of the Charter Commission. Several reports by Hood Research members at the September 10th, monthly meeting included occurrences of visits by commission members at several community meetings. On Thursday, September 8th, Janice Mitchell Ford, the chair of the Charter Commission, visited the Barton McFarlane Neighborhood Association […]

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    President Obama versus Republican Leaders of Congress

    by  • September 9, 2011 • Economics, Obama 2012, Politics

    President Obama addressed congress and challenged them to do something, anything that would kick start the nation’s economy. Most assumed that he merely addressed the republican side of the chamber but his target was non-partisan, at least in words. Both the Democrats and the Republicans have not made a strong effort to work together in order to end the joblessness that the nation has endured.

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    Who is criticizing President Obama?

    by  • September 7, 2011 • Obama 2012, Politics

    Recently there have been a much publicized group of high profile people who have been criticizing the president. These include people like Tavis Smiley, a media personality, Cornel West a Princeton educator, Bernie Sanders, Independent Senator from Vermont and others who fall along the same lines. Mostly though there are various media personalities, some who […]

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    The Fight to Save Affirmative Action

    by  • July 1, 2008 • Our Rights, Politics

    Carl Williams, Hassan Aleem and Percy Harris have been hard at work to prevent the Anti Affirmative Action initiative from reaching the ballot here in Michigan. They are not lawyers but they do practice the law. They are not watchdogs who wait for something to happen and then scrutinize an entity, decisions or the happenings and then complain to the public. They are proactive who take heed against those who might use the less fortunate to make others more fortunate. Three friends they share a love for the Black community and the city of Detroit. But broader than the city, they realize that as citizens of Michigan they have the ability to use the laws of this state to protect themselves from others who would attack the rights of Michigan citizens. They are also members of Hood Research, a non profit think tank and share the title of co chairs of the legal issues committee. If you have ever attended a Hood Research meeting then you have heard them explain the law, legal issues and provide analysis on the current topics. The actions taken by the three however were independent of any group or body in their desire to protect others on what is a hot political topic with the strong possibility for political revenge or retribution by the legal system.

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    Did Freman and His Supporters Sabotage Gil Hill

    by  • October 17, 2005 • Detroit, News, Politics

        Gil Hill was a mayoral candidate in 2001. He ran against Kwame Kilpatrick to succeed the Archer Administration. Mayor Dennis Archer had to everyone’s surprise, decided not to run again for the office of mayor. Archer instead went into private life and now sits on many boards of companies in and around the city of Detroit. Hill was supposed to be a sure thing. He had a lot of name recognition. Gil was on the city council and was frequently in the news. Also Gil Hill is the same who played the boss of the now famous Beverly Hill’s Cop, also known as Eddie Murphy.

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    Manoogian Party, a Political Affair

    by  • September 30, 2005 • Detroit, News, Politics

        Adultery, philanderer, skullduggery, infidelity are some of the labels and accusations that have been thrown at Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. Not only that but more than one political person has referred to the mayor as a thug. A thug is something like a gangster but one who lacks the mob-type organization and is reduced to mere petty crimes.

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    Big Scores and Big Statements at a Big Debate

    by  • September 28, 2005 • Detroit, Politics

           Not only did the first debate, Thursday between Freman Hendrix and Kwame Kilpatrick show fireworks but it also illustrated the difference in their characters. Kilpatrick is clearly the better speaker, better communicator and better at handling issues in a public forum. For all of Hendrix experience in city government, being a people person is not one of his strong points. But that will have to change if he expects to become the next mayor and be successful at the job.

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