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    By Ruben Wilson

    Do you remember this scene from the roots series. News of nat turner’s quest for freedom reaches a nearby plantation where there’s a party . during the hysteria the white men decide to defend the home and put the women in the cellar for safety. Wouldn’t you know the house negroes were all in a tizzy and just as frightfully hysterical. They were about to enter the cellar when one of the white women literally slapped them back to reality and refused to let them enter. Remember the bridge incident during katerina.  This  is for all you who think you are accepted. Wake up fool only you thought you were in the same boat. If you haven’t got slapped , you will , unless of course you are a good ole  N….. and do what you’re told, be agreeable, smile, don’t have a dissenting thought. Which for some of you will be easy since you been in the house for such a long, long time you think you’re white, and when the nat’s of today rise up you’ll agree with your enemy that nat must be crazy and don’t realize when he was getting a great deal and you will attack nat.

    White folk – media- will always be serving up the N …. of the day. Betcha they won’t get on your team to crucify  one of there people that’s doing wrong. How can we get a black president and can’t get a black man on 4 & 7 news, or as a late nite show host?
    Have you ever seen those blacks that get  klan violent  when  protecting  the oppressors stuff.  Whatsssup with that?

    Some of yall need a slap!!!!!!!!!!

    If you know someone that need a slap send this to them


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