• 45 reasons to Vote NO on Proposal C

    by  • October 17, 2011 • Articles on the Proposed Charter for the City of Detroit

    Reject the Proposed Charter


    1) Police Commission is elevated to the same level as city council.

    2) Conflict of interest between city council and the proposed inspector general.

    3) Districts diminish voice and voting power of the citizens.

    4) Districts reduce the power of the vote of city council; At large vote will have greater influence than district vote

    5) It is unconstitutional for city to fund one district differently than another.

    6) New charter greatly grows government and will cost more to operate.

    7) Recycle provision handcuffs city and does not allow flexibility to deal with trash.

    8) Creates regionalization with a loss of control over city assets.

    9) Allows city auditor to deny audits for city departments.

    10) Prohibits council from seeking budget information.

    11) Promotes less accountability for Police Chief (per Detroit News editorial)

    12) Necessary for a removal of rights of Detroiters aka “a takeover of Detroit”.

    13) Will legalize the current illegal actions by government regarding the Detroit Zoo, DIA, The Historical Museum etc.

    14) Duplicates services and regulations that exist today but calls it NEW.

    15) 21 people will be required and involved in choosing the Chief of Police, this will only lead to confusion and grief for residents.

    16) Promotes segregation while suburban residents are being paid to move to midtown and downtown.

    17) Creates mandatory privatization without just compensation or lower taxes for city residents.

    18) Prevents Detroit from regaining control of Cobo hall

    19) Prevents Detroit from regaining contracting at the water dept.

    20) Contains costly proposals that will work against Detroit residents

    21) Insurance section is a proposal that will cost money and will not lower insurance

    22) Recycle section forces NEW budget allocations and cuts in police, fire and other non-charter services

    23) Ethics provision is toothless, does what exists today and cannot levy fines, jail time nor remove people from office

    24) Campaign donations are already disclosed today – no change

    25) Proposed charter makes it harder for small business to contract with city

    26) If you don’t like Districts a no vote prevents legal implementation

    27) Complicates cities election procedure modifying powers of election commission and city clerk

    28) Allows the election commission to refuse to place a petition on the ballot (12.108)

    29) Allows for private meetings by the election commission regarding city elections, recounts, etc

    30) If you vote no, we review in 2018; if you vote yes we still review in 2018; let’s just wait for 2018

    31) Places a non-elected director of elections in charge of verifying signatures of petitions

    32) Extends allowed time for an ordinance to remain law after petitions have been submitted for a repeal

    33) Places complete control of all elections under a single person, without checks and balances

    34) Proposed charter allows a Detroit based Emergency Manager law

    35) Proposed charter removes requirements that the city council adopt purchasing requirements for city based businesses

    36) Provides for requirements to maintain areas outside of the city of Detroit

    37) Green initiatives will greatly expand the cities budget at a time when revenue is shrinking, a mandate requires budget allocation

    38) Green initiatives can be already be performed by the city

    39) Allows the DIA to be permanently operated by a private entity (7-301)

    40) Creates multiple master plans

    41) Provisions to help and support the disabled were not allowed to be included

    42) Provisions to help and support the elderly were not allowed to be included

    43) An amendment to help and support the youth was rejected

    44) Greatly expands government with numerous district driven commissions and boards

    45) Makes it more difficult to conduct and engage in recalls of our elected persons

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