• Manoogian Party, a Political Affair

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    Was this story a Political Setup

        Adultery, philanderer, skullduggery, infidelity are some of the labels and accusations that have been thrown at Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. Not only that but more than one political person has referred to the mayor as a thug. A thug is something like a gangster but one who lacks the mob-type organization and is reduced to mere petty crimes. Not only is the term an insult, it lacks the sophistication on the romanticized gangster image such as applied to Corleone (The Godfather), Al Capone or even John Gotti. Thug is a double insult. Coincidently Black criminals are called thugs while White criminals are called gangsters or mobsters. Some mobsters or gangsters become famous and popular like celebrities. Thugs never do. With the election season almost at an end, less than two months away, it would seem time for these types of accusations to surface. But these and others were used to describe the mayor as far back as four years ago when he first ran for office and as he began to serve his first year.

        The most prominent and pivotal accusation is the rumored wild party at the Manoogian mansion. Back in 2002 Kwame Kilpatrick didn’t move into the mayor’s residence immediately after taking office. He waited about five months which led to many speculations. His own stated reasons were that he did not want to disrupt his family’s life and his children’s school year. Kwame Kilpatrick is a mayor with young children, something Detroit hasn’t had in a long time. Gossip and then rumors about parties at the mansion began. At first no one wanted to report on the rumors, even though they reached the media and politically astute citizens. It was just rumors.

        Supposedly, as the rumor goes, Kwame Kilpatrick and friends, which in some stories includes Col. Tadarial Sturdivant the Director of the state police, attended a party at the mayor’s mansion. Two or more strippers were supposed to be performing at the party for the guests. Kwame’s wife, Carlotta who still lived at the family home on Leslie Street, supposedly came to the mansion to check or see her husband. She walked in on the party and an unknown police officer, who was supposed to be watching the door, was unable to keep her out of the house and could not warn the mayor or guests. The mayor was allegedly in the process of of a lap dance by one of the stripper’s, whose nick name is Strawberry. Thus the wife was supposed to have caught the act and attacked the girl. Carlotta is then said to have a baseball bat which she either brings with her or finds in the house, in some versions she has The Club, which she uses to attack the girl so severely that the stripper ends up needing serious medical attention which includes a hospital stay. Upon this occurrence the party halts and the DPD officers escort all out and take the mayor and his wife home.

        As the continuing saga goes, the stripper and other non-police persons end up dead. According to the some police officers a girl who has a nickname of strawberry was murdered. But there is no evidence or proof that the real individual is the same as the one from the rumor. The real individual is supposedly and allegedly, according to the same police officers, linked to the drug trade and prostitution. (As this is just a rumor and no proof exists the girls name will not be used.) Political foes of the mayor added to this rumor by claiming that Kwame Kilpatrick and or members of his staff who may have been at the party had this woman and others killed. The public release of this murder and the rumor from being a gossip piece to a public issue coincided with the news event of a Detroit police officer from the internal affairs division, Lt. Gary Brown, being fired for alleged insubordination. Thus the rumor has few supposed witnesses and those with no links to the mayor allegedly end up dead. This is a convenient way to control a story and a way to make it hard to disprove this rumor.

        Mildred Gaddis, a local talk radio show host and supporter of Freman Hendrix who is not running for mayor, was the first to publicly discuss these rumors. But she and her co-hosts, who at the time this issue became completely public was Angelo Henderson, an award wining reporter, and Greg Bowens, former press secretary to former Mayor Dennis Archer. She repeats the allegations as fact. When Brown made the news she changed her story from that of hearing about this rumor to retelling the rumor as a factual occurrence. None of this was worth reporting in any news organization and was not reported until Lt. Gary Brown of the DPD was relived of his duties from the Detroit police department.

        Lt. Gary Brown allegedly began an investigation into the mayor on several issues. These included the alleged misuse of overtime by Kwame Kilpatrick’s security staff, the rumored wild party at the mansion and the supposed deaths of a stripper and prostitute who allegedly attended the rumored party. Brown was working in internal affairs, the department that is supposed to catch dirty cops. Instead he went after what has considered a dirty mayor. Brown’s investigation into overtime abuses was out of his jurisdiction. Those matters are supposed to be handled by the city’s finance division and if necessary the law department. The police department is only supposed to investigate if a crime has been committed. But because of the rumored ties between the party and the mayors security staff, which is constantly with the mayor, an investigation into the mayors alleged illegal activities cannot be done unless the assumption is made that members of the mayors security staff are involved in the illegal activities and therefore under suspicion.

        Gary Brown worked as a police officer under both Mayor Dennis Archer and Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. But it wasn’t under Kilpatrick where he became famous. Back in 2000 Brown, Greg Bowens and Glen Oliver were sued by Dr. Dre (the rapper) for violating Dre’s free speech rights at a local concert. (The Archer administration had a history of violating or attempting to violate the first amendment. During Archer’s time as mayor he ordered then Chief of police, Benny Napoleon to have the web site www.det-drums.com shut down because it was frequented by persons critical of Mayor Archer. Napoleon tried to order a police officer who was also part of Hood Research that supported the web site, to shut it down but it did not work and the site remained alive and well. Also another infamous incident was when Deputy Mayor Freman Hendrix ordered people carried off and arrested at a school board meeting as the were speaking out against the school takeover.) Brown, Greg Bowens and others counter sued Dre because of video tape made of the incident where the city employees violated Dre’s rights. The city of Detroit was found liable for the actions of Brown, Bowens and others in violating the free speech rights. Today Brown and Bowens are good friends. Both admit publicly too supporting Freman Hendrix in his quest to be the next mayor of Detroit.

        At the time of his investigation, Gary Brown worked under Chief of Police Jerry Oliver in the internal affairs department within the Detroit Police Department. Brown at the time was also neighbors and friends with the US Attorney General Jeffrey G. Collins. Yet even as Brown thought that the mayor needed to be investigated, in his own words he stated that he never sought his friends advice or professional help. Additionally, Brown did not seek the assistance of the Wayne County Sheriff, the Wayne County Prosecutors office, the State Police or even the FBI. This is also during the time of the US Justice Department DPD consent decree which found the police department had to improve in many areas and had appointed an overseer to monitor the progress of the department’s improvements. Why Garry Brown did not get any outside assistance is unknown and he has refused to provide further information. Brown also refused to enlist the help of his fellow DPD investigators or other commanders with whom he was supposed to be working as a team. Instead he performed his own investigation on his own and without any approval. His decision of not going other internal affairs officers calls into question the integrity and loyalty and sense of duty and responsibility of the other DPD officers. This should be questioned if Gary Brown was right and performed appropriate actions because it would mean, by Brown’s actions that internal affairs is motivated by politics and not the law. It would suggest that the police department ignores investigative evidence or performs selective investigations, serious allegations by Gary Brown against a department where he tried to remain. He lost his case in arbitration on his attempts to get reinstated. Now he and others are suing the city for wrongful termination.

        Chief Jerry Oliver stated that he did not know what Brown was doing or why he chose to investigate the mayor. Brown was fired for allegedly violating the chain of command and for insubordinate behavior. At the end, no evidence has ever been discovered to prove any of the allegations or even to substantiate the claims from Browns investigations. The party remains to this day just a story and has been referred to as an Urban Legend. After Brown was dismissed, political forces and allegedly political opponents of Kwame Kilpatrick pushed both the state police and the state attorney general to investigate whether or not a party took place. Both investigations reached conclusions that no party occurred. Mike Cox, the state attorney general used the term urban legend to describe the wild party rumors. The state police investigation ultimately reached the same conclusion. The local Sheriff and Prosecutors office and any nearby law enforcement office refused to investigate the mayor or these allegations. Finally, the US Justice Department also refused to investigate these accusations and the rumors.

        So the questions arise of why did Gary Brown go it alone? Did his relationship with people from the former Archer administration and not those running for mayor push him to look for dirt to use on the Mayor Kilpatrick? Brown began this investigation even as the US Justice Department was investigating the DPD for various violations. During this time dirty cops were accused of crimes and a backlog of complaints against the police department by Detroit Citizens was waiting to be investigated. Instead of conducting those investigations Brown decided to investigate the mayor’s office.

        To this day supporters of Hendrix claim the rumored party occurred and that it was covered up. They have created their own conspiracy theory. Mildred Gaddis has repeatedly made the claim that Mike Cox and others covered up the party. Gaddis claims that Kwame Kilpatrick had the alleged strippers murdered. She has repeated this claim many times on her radio show. She even had family members of a known murder victim on her show that Mildred claimed was at the rumored party. None of the family members will substantiate Mildred’s claim. Still no evidence has been presented to back up her claims. There are also so many individuals who are in the rumor that it would seem unreasonable that some evidence would not exist if they were true even as Brown, Gaddis and Bowens repeat these allegations against the mayor and his wife. Now several former DPD officers including Brown, has filed suit against the city and the mayor. They make similar accusations against Kilpatrick that also cannot be proved but also are alleging immoral behavior and outright call him an adulterer. None of the officers suing admit to being eyewitnesses to any of the alleged events. Deputy Mayor Anthony Adams has accused those persons suing the city of Detroit and Mayor Kilpatrick of doing so purely for political purposes. Some have attempted to dismiss his statements as political or as desperation but there is evidence that supports the Deputy Mayor.

        What is known to be a fact is that Freman Hendrix is running for mayor. Freman worked for Dennis Archer. Greg Bowens also worked for Dennis archer and now supports Freman Hendrix for mayor. Gary Brown also worked for Dennis Archer and now supports Freman Hendrix and is friends with Greg Bowens. Greg Bowens co-hosts Mildred Gaddis’ radio show while Mildred has also admitted to being a supporter of Freman Hendrix for mayor. The other officers who are suing the city and Kilpatrick also support Freman Hendrix for mayor. They all have the same attorney although one officer has since dropped out of the suit and apologized to the mayor for his involvement. The pattern would appear that supporters of Freman Hendrix are repeating these rumors in their support for Freman Hendrix. It’s the common link and the only thing that can be proven as true.


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