• President Obama versus Republican Leaders of Congress

    by  • September 9, 2011 • Economics, Obama 2012, Politics

    President Obama addressed congress and challenged them to do something, anything that would kick start the nation’s economy. Most assumed that he merely addressed the republican side of the chamber but his target was non-partisan, at least in words. Both the Democrats and the Republicans have not made a strong effort to work together in order to end the joblessness that the nation has endured.

    Now the media and the people will watch to see what gets proposed and passed in the congress. Up until now the Republicans have passed legislation they knew the senate would not pass or even bring to a vote. Legislation has been proposed by the Democrats that they knew would not survive whatever committee the Republicans allowed the measure to be introduced.

    However, it’s known that the Republican leaders of congress have pledged to do whatever it takes to ensure that President Obama does not win a second term. This has held to include damaging the country’s economy in the process. The current climate of cuts only is hurting people while business big and small has enjoyed record profits. Despite the stock markets up and down swings and the media focusing on the credit rating of this county and others, the system of capitalism has proved itself with the players enjoying huge returns on their investments.

    The pundits and media talking heads focused on the president and repeated the too often criticisms of him that have lingered over the summer months. But they paid little time to if any republicans will actually work with the president and help out the American people. The president cannot legislate and cannot stimulate an economy. In this the president is almost powerless and the congress is powerful. It appears that the Republican leaders of congress are fully aware of this power sharing and have played upon it to their full advantage despite who it might hurt along the way.


    Henry Teutsch is a member of Hood Research. An interest in writing, with a love for programming databases and web sites, allows Henry to do both on The Thinkers Report.