• Presidents Speech a Challenge and a Starter

    by  • September 8, 2011 • Economics, News, Obama 2012, Politics

    President Obama delivered a much needed pep talk for the country. His speech was a proposal for what he has proposed since before he took office. The tone is out of his book, the Audacity of Hope. The president proposed a joint effort to energize the economy, encourage job growth and incentivize the positive things needed for the country to compete on a global scale. What he did not advocate is the current path where wages are targeted to the lowest common average in order to make it cheaper for businesses to retain business in the United States.

    If this were a previous president, the concept of a business pulling jobs out of the country in order to take advantage of lower wages, while at the same time putting Americans out of work, would be considered unpatriotic. President Obama has always been above name calling and bickering. His approach is of team building, positive image making and cheering for America. President Obama plays the adult in the room. He needs to stay on point as republicans and others seek to immobilize progress in order to succeed in political ideology.

    In the proposal the president promised that the plan would not add to the deficit. Perhaps in the thought that the mixture of tax cuts and government spending there is a negating effect on how this plans funding is defined. Payroll tax is proposed to be cut enabling a savings to both individual households and businesses. Money for schools is also proposed which most likely would come in the form of grants, and loans for school construction and other federal programs that employ additional people at the local level.

    A direct challenge to the republican members of congress to pass legislation that in the past they have proposed, its difficult to determine if the challenge would be met under the current political climate. The republicans stood silent and barely applauded even on the cheer leading for the US business ingenuity. The president provided enough cheer leading on the very ideals that republicans have said they embrace. This is now a race to determine who can outmaneuver the politics between the president and the republicans. The larger groups of democrats have seemed to be out of the loop and not backing the larger goals of the Democratic Party.


    Henry Teutsch is a member of Hood Research. An interest in writing, with a love for programming databases and web sites, allows Henry to do both on The Thinkers Report.