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    Proposal 001 – Another Challenge To Detroit

    by  • October 26, 2004 • Government, Michigan, Politics, Proposals

        When it comes to Michigan’s constitution, it is said that folks will change or modify it to suit their mood. This year the topic of marriage and gambling are scheduled for a statewide vote. When those two subjects are working well, everyone is happy. But when these two fail, the fallout can affect more than just the direct parties involved.

        The two sides are primarily the Detroit casinos who seek to slow down the expansion of non-Indian gaming in the state and then those forces who seek to open new an expand existing gaming facilities in the state. These facilities include racetracks with the addition of slot machines, bars and restaurants with the introduction of specialized computer gambling machines and the state lottery system who seeks to introduce new forms of gambling to generate more revenue of the state. All designed to increase revenue to an industry slowing in growth and sales or boost foot traffic to existing bars and restaurants.

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