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    With Friends Like These, Who Needs Friends

    by  • May 21, 2014 • Contributors, News

    Detroit, Michigan The Associated Press is reporting that a political action group, funded by the very right-wing Koch family is against a set of bills in the Michigan legislature that seek to provide the city of Detroit with nearly $200 million. The Koch’s are a wealthy pair of brothers who originate from Kansas and made […]

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    Misfits and the Media

    by  • May 21, 2014 • Contributors, News

    Detroit, Michigan Are those who report on politics in Michigan stuck in their own circle, reporting to themselves about what they think and feel? How competitive is the media in Michigan, specifically South East Michigan? Do those who report merely use the many publications and news outlets as enhanced chat rooms where they can share […]

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    Not Fair, Not Balanced, Not Truthful

    by  • November 12, 2013 • News

    How much of the news can you trust? Where are the large news organizations with the funds to gather news that can be trusted. 60 Minutes, the very popular and respected news program reported that President Obama abandoned Americans in Benghazi which led to their deaths. They didn’t use these exact words but the intent […]

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    What does Detroit need in a Mayor

    by  • August 22, 2012 • News, Politics

      Detroit will have a new mayor in 2014. Dave Bing does not seem able to seek another term in office. If he decides to run again, his relationship with the people of Detroit is over. He has no good will and would be easily beaten. Therefore many have engaged in the common speculation of […]

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    Bing Violates City Charter

    by  • June 13, 2012 • News

    Orders Charter (enforcer) to not Enforce the Charter   Dave Bing has reportedly issued a letter instructing his corporation counsel to cease a lawsuit constructed to comply with the city charter and recent legislation from the city council. This is unethical by the mayor and possible grounds for his removal from office. This also exposes […]

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    Freep Attack a Sneaky Attack

    by  • June 13, 2012 • Government, News

    The consent agreement, also known as the Financial Stability Agreement, between the city of Detroit and the state of Michigan is undergoing a debate that should have taken place before it was signed into law. This debate today occurs on the streets of Detroit and partly in the local syndicated media and behind closed doors […]

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    Michigan A Great State, Except for all the Racists

    by  • March 12, 2012 • Michigan, News

    Is the State of Michigan a good place to raise a family? Build, grow or locate a business? Can Michigan offer advantages over other states, or even other countries, to encourage people to locate here, or discourage current residents from moving? Should someone live in Michigan? Can people prosper in Michigan? Does Michigan exhibit the best qualities as written in our countries constitution?

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    Will Lawmakers Follow the Law?

    by  • March 11, 2012 • News

    Michigan’s Public Act 4 of 2011 (The Emergency Manager Law) has been used to place an EM over the cites of Flint, Pontiac, Benton Harbor and Ecorse as well as the Detroit Public School district. A group called Stand up for Democracy has collected over 200,000 signatures to place the law before voters in the November 2012 election and suspend all activity under PA 4. There is a strong concern by the backers of this law that Michigan voters, both republicans and democrats would vote to repeal this law. Additionally once the signatures are turned in and certified, the law is suspended. All activity under the law must cease and the provisions within the law cannot be used until the voters vote on retaining or abolishing the law.

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    What Message did Brian Dickerson Send?

    by  • March 9, 2012 • News, People

    Brian Dickerson, columnist for the free press, wrote a column on the recent vote in Troy (Michigan) to reject federal funding and not build a transit station. The column, “In Troy, an all too familiar fear of the other” December 22, 2011. It’s a critical article against the Troy government elected persons who voted against the transit center and Detroit City Councilwoman JoAnn Watson who had nothing to do with the vote and nothing to do with the issue.

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