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"People would do better if they knew better."

Our Mission: To educate and inform our evolving community regarding all topics that effect our lives and help us plan for our future.

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"We need a self-help program,
a do it yourself philosophy,
a do it right now philosophy,
an it's already too late philosophy."

It is not necessary to know everything. What is necessary is to know how to find what you need when you need it.

Join us on our journey for knowledge and empowerment. We hold meetings on the second Saturday of each month. Follow us on Facebook for the event details.



Welcome to 2017

Looky here, America
What you done done--
Let things drift
Until the riots come.
Now your policemen
Let your mobs run free
I reckon you don't care
Nothing about me.
You tell me that hitler
Is a mighty bad man.
I guess he took lessons
from the ku klux klan.
You tell me mussolini's
Got an evil heart.
Well, it mus-a been in Beaumont
That he had his start--
Cause everything that hitler
And mussolini do,
Negroes get the same
Treatment from you.
You jim crowed me
Before hitler rose to power--
And you're STILL jim crowing me
Right now, this very hour.
Yet you say we're fighting
For democracy.
Then why don't democracy
Include me?
I ask you this question
Cause I want to know
How long I got to fight

Beaumont to Detroit: 1943
Langston Hughes

Next Meeting - Second Saturday of each Month @2pm

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